Digging Beneath the Surface

By Devon Ellington

Meet Dr. Gwen Finnegan -- six PhDs, dedicated to archaeology, mythology, history and more -- who is also a practicing witch.  Follow her adventures as she learns there's more beneath the surface than old bones and pottery shards.

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The re-animation of a goddess.  A well-known archaeologist hunting down her lover’s murderer.  An historical researcher getting his first chance to prove himself in the field.  These elements combine in a thrilling paranormal mystery/adventure/urban fantasy filled with history, witchcraft, long-ranging betrayals, and growing attraction through New York, Scotland, and the Mediterranean as warring factions track the statue known as “The Medusa.”   An urban fantasy/paranormal mystery combination of NATIONAL TREASURE meets Preston & Child with a dash of FRINGE.

Archaeologist Dr. Gwen Finnegan is on the hunt for her lover’s killer.  Historical researcher Justin Yates bumps into her, literally, on the steps of the New York Public Library, and comes to her aid when she’s attacked, sparking an attraction between them in spite of their age difference.  After avoiding a cadre of pursuers at the Met Museum, Gwen impulsively invites Justin to hop a plane with her to the UK.  The shy historian, frustrated with his failing relationship, jumps at the chance to join her on a real adventure.  That adventure takes them through Europe, pursued by factions including Gwen’s ex-lover and nemesis, Karl, as they try to unspool fact from fiction in a multi-generational obsession with a statue of the goddess Medusa.

Released by Amber Quill Press. Note:  Amber Quill Press is closing its doors on March 30, 2016.  The books will be available until a few days prior; discussions are under way for its re-release under another imprint.  Stay tuned for more information.  Thank you for your support.