About Devon Ellington

Devon Ellington is a full-time writer (and now, a part-time librarian), publishing under a half a dozen names in fiction and non-fiction.  She is also an internationally-produced playwright and screenwriter. She's been writing since the age of six, and spent over twenty years working backstage on Broadway and in film and television production.

Under the Devon Ellington name, she writes the Jain Lazarus Adventures, an urban fantasy series.

Amber Quill Press released her short ghost story "Lake Justice".  Read an excerpt and find the buy link here. 

Amber Quill Press also released the shorts "Severance" (a science fiction horror western); the western "Elusive Prayers" (featuring a secondary character from the popular serial Ellington wrote a few years ago called THE WIDOW'S CHAMBER); and KILLER QUINTET, five short comic, fantastical mysteries as both Devon Ellington and Ava Dunne.

You can visit Amber Quill Press to buy all the titles here.

Upcoming releases from Amber Quill press include a science fiction/horror western called "Severance" and the western "Elusive Prayers."

Her short story "Sea Diamond" appears in the anthology DEATH SPARKLES, and her work is included in anthologies including GHOST STORIES OF THE MOGOLLON RIM and FULL CIRCLE.

Non-fiction essays appear in the Ben Bella/Smart Pop anthologies PERFECTLY PLUM! and ARDEUR.

She has a series of Topic Workbooks on different aspects of writing.

She teaches classes and workshops all over the world (workshop page here) and, as part of Fearless Ink, she provides author services (information here).  She is available for author talks and workshops.  Please contact for fees.

Her main website is DevonEllingtonwork.com, and her main blog on the writing life is Ink in My Coffee, although she also runs the following:

A Biblio Paradise -- a blog on books, authors, libraries, bookstores, and book buying;

Goals, Dreams, and Resolutions -- a site where people can work on their goals in all areas of their life in tandem;

Billy Root Blogs -- Billy Root, a supporting character in the Jain Lazarus Adventures, blogs about what it's like to be a character navigating the landscape.

Gratitude and Growth -- a garden journal about Devon's attempts at creating and maintaining a beautiful garden -- or, at least one that stays alive.

Adventures in Vineland -- a blog on learning about wine.

Comfort and Contradiction:  Food as Muse -- a blog on food, cooking, and how it intersects with life.