Myth and Interpretation

A Between-the-Books Novella

Stuck in NYC when plans for their next expedition fall through, Gwen and Justin accept teaching jobs at different local universities. Adjusting to their day-to-day  relationship, and juggling the academic and emotional demands of their students, they are embroiled in two different, disturbing, paranormal situations that have more than one unusual crossing point. Can they work together to find the answers? Or are new temptations too much to resist? For whom are they willing to put their lives on the line?

Released July 2018.

Published by Bluestockings & Gentlemen Press.

$1.99 on digital channels. Universal buy link here.


Ray knocked and stuck his head in the door. “Are you heading out soon? Won’t be able to get anywhere. Sounds like most of the city’s shutting down.”

“Few more minutes,” said Gwen.

“Shall I wait? We’re the only ones left on the floor.”

“I’ll be fine. Thank you.”

“Okay, then.” Ray disappeared.

She heard him get his things together and walk down the hall. She heard the elevator open, close, groan on its way down to the bottom floor. The building creaked and sighed. It was quiet. Hardly even any street noise. It must be bad out there. She should get moving.

She reached for the moonstone turtle charm she kept on her desk, which she used like a worry stone when she was thinking. It was gone.

Gwen sighed. It could have been knocked to the floor. Someone could have picked it up. She hated losing it. Well, her own damn fault for having it here.

Definitely time to be done with the seminar. Interpersonal dynamics of twenty-somethings was one reason Gwen didn’t accept long-term teaching gigs. Gwen enjoyed this group of students, but she itched to get back out in the field. She gathered up what she needed to take home, piled on her coat, hat, gloves. She grabbed her purse and her briefcase. It was going to be a nasty walk home. She wondered if she could implement the elemental training she’d been working on; if she could pause the snow, or lighten it, just until she reached her building. Or was that cheating, a mis-use of magic for convenience, rather than an emergency?

She turned off her desk lamp, and locked the office door. Her senses went on high alert as a chill shot up her spine. The corridor was colder than the snowstorm warranted. Even with the hall window open. The overhead lights flickered and went out.

Then she was hit with the smell.