Meet Dr. Gwen Finnegan — six PhDs, dedicated to archaeology, mythology, history and more — who is also a practicing witch. Follow her adventures as she learns there’s more beneath the surface than old bones and pottery shards.

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The re-animation of a goddess. A well-known archaeologist hunting down her lover’s murderer. An historical researcher getting his first chance to prove himself in the field. These elements combine in a thrilling paranormal mystery/adventure/urban fantasy filled with history, witchcraft, long-ranging betrayals, and growing attraction through New York, Scotland, and the Mediterranean as warring factions track the statue known as “The Medusa.” An urban fantasy/paranormal mystery combination of NATIONAL TREASURE meets Preston & Child with a dash of FRINGE.

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Book 1.5: MYTH & INTERPRETATION: A Between The Books Novella

Stuck in NYC when plans for their next expedition fall through, Gwen and Justin accept teaching jobs at different local universities. Adjusting to their relationship, and juggling the academic and emotional demands of their students, they are embroiled in two different, disturbing, paranormal situations that have more than one unusual crossing point. Can they work together to find the answers? Or are new temptations too much to resist? For whom are they willing to put their lives on the line?

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An expedition to excavate pirate’s treasure off the Bahamian coast lures Gwen and Justin away from New York. Members of the expedition have either quit or vanished, and the leaders want Gwen and Justin to get at the truth as much as help unearth the treasure. Gwen’s past causes obstacles once again, both with a friend-turned-enemy on the expedition and when Karl faces a life-threatening crisis in New York. Justin finds himself courted both personally and professionally on multiple fronts. Not only is their relationship tested, but their lives are at risk unless they can discern which threats are paranormal and which are a much more deadly human.

Releases on January 14, 2020.

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